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We're a team of builders and engineers, entrepreneurs and artists, bookkeepers and doorkeepers, developers and handymen, experts and laymen, lawyers and negotiators, inventors and investors, marketers and educators, technicians and mathematicians, singers and drummers, thinkers and runners, writers and readers, implementers and controllers, speakers and listeners, and presenters and sellers - who are all passionate on what we do.

We are always on the lookout for exceptional people. Are you interested in building the future of currency and payments? Digital currency is a technology with endless possibilities - it can connect the billions of unbanked in the world to the global economy. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves, breathe new life into financial services and make a measurable impact, then get in touch with us. Current Job Openings at our headquaters in St. Margrethen, Switzerland:


We are hiring Content Developers & Fintech Managers!


Content Developer - Technical editor with multi-talented writing skills

We are looking for a skilled content developer to manage all written content related to our company’s internal and external publications.

Desired Experience

  • Interested applicants should have experience creating content, copywriting, co-writing, proofreading, and authoring technical documentation for engineers and managers alike.
  • We are looking for a team player and a problem solver capable of delivering results in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.
  • Experience in research, investigative journalism, publishing environments and/or software development is preferred.


  • Excellent command of English and German, both spoken and written, is expected.
  • Strategic thinking skills and competence working with economists
  • Ability to work both independently and with a team of engineers
  • Analytical skills and capacity to work with business analysts
  • Ability to work on multiple publications simultaneously
  • Proficiency with content management software
  • Basic knowledge of HTML & Photoshop
  • Digital communication skills

Specialized Skill Set

  • The ideal candidate will have the ability to convey meaningful and accurate messages based on keywords, references and statements made in meetings; he or she must be open to collaborating with freelancers who contribute content remotely.
  • Willingness to learn, the capacity to contribute content independently or write papers with a team of colleagues from various backgrounds, and the ability to follow instructions and take dictation are core competencies for this position.
  • The content developer must be ready to work according to the tone and insights set by the editor in chief, to enable the multidisciplinary team to establish a common editorial voice.

Must Haves

  • Candidates must have a penchant for properly formatted documents, a passion for good phrasing and precise orthography, an eye for accuracy and attention to detail, and a strong ability to recognize and understand context.
  • Proficiency using "Track Changes” when revising content in Word documents.
  • In addition, the candidate should be competent performing research on specific topics and be comfortable reading and understanding content on a diverse range of topics
  • Interest in gaming and cryptocurrency.

Key Tasks

  • Creating content, restructuring existing content, revising content pro-actively, correcting phrasing, ensuring consistency of content, and fact-checking (e.g., determining the accuracy of quotes, citations, charts, graphs, and other sources)
  • Editing and maintaining web content (e.g., keeping FAQs up to date), drafting headings, recording summaries, shaping marketing material, framing instructions for user interfaces, providing content to influence user behavior and guide readers, re-wording user menus and manuals
  • Proofreading, including correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and format (e.g., font sizes, line breaks, layout etc.)
  • Composing articles for an ongoing topical blog
  • Publishing information on social media channels, copy-editing educational e-books, etc.
  • Writing email messages to clients in line with product  features, legal compliance, commercial policies and the communication strategy


  • Ability to work both on-site at our headquarters and telecommute
  • Opportunity to work on a wide range of challenging projects
  • Flexible working hours in an international environment
  • Ability to manage projects from conception to launch
  • Working on a big idea that is changing the world
  • Gaining valuable experience and growing with us
  • Building a great career in a great workplace
  • Full- or part-time (minimum 50%)
  • Competitive compensation


Fintech Manager - An aspiring talent ready to grow and take the role between technology & product

The Fintech Manager is responsible for all products and services on This position focuses on financial services, that provide digital cash solutions to e-commerce merchants globally as well as institutional clients in Switzerland, the EU and Eurasia. You manage the full lifecycle including project management from initial discussions with clients to the delivery of products and services.

Ideal Requirements

  • German language skills, English language skills & well qualified in Russian or Chinese
  • Professional experience in blockchain technology and the Bitcoin protocol
  • Business-minded person with a penchant for engineering
  • Outstanding communicator with very good writing skills
  • Experience with crypto-currency exchanges
  • Know-how in the online payments sector
  • Ready to do hands-on work

Must Haves

  • Great English skills. We’re working with distributed team members, so frequent and clear written communication is a must
  • Must be comfortable with customer-facing roles including support and documentation
  • Self-driven work ethic, taking initiative and seeing things through to completion
  • Competence in application programming or link to network-system architecture
  • Affinity to financial technology or software engineering
  • Interest in improving the world`s financial system
  • Highly qualified in banking and digital finance
  • Curiosity and the desire to learn new skills

Specialized Skill Set

  • Know-how in dealing with institutional clients based in Eastern Europe & Southeast Asia
  • Professional skills in Anti-Money-Laundering compliance of cross-border payments
  • Profound understanding of the Bitcoin protocol and about trading crypto-currency
  • Expert knowledge in the field of Token Generation Events (Initial Coin Offerings)
  • Expertise in monetary policy, cash management, and counterparty risk
  • Comprehension of the economic significance of digital cash
  • Specialist knowledge in crypto mining operations

Key Tasks Client-side

  • Engage with clients and prospects through email, chat and phone
  • Create product forecasts, business cases, and benefits models
  • On-boarding of clients including integration & maintenance
  • Analyzing of technical requirements
  • Implementation of clients’ needs

Key Tasks Product-side

  • Product management and project administration by hosting daily phone conferences with internal and external teams
  • Prepare procedures, training manuals and documentations for engineers, admins, sales staff & help desk
  • Execute cross-functional business requirements for ongoing enhancements of products and services
  • Setting quick and easy starting points to iterate and ship ideas quickly with a best effort direction
  • Copy-editing of technical writings, regulatory compliance documents and marketing material
  • Develop new features for our payment processing operations and digital cash trading desk

Key Tasks Tech-side

  • Executing development sprints including reaching sprint goals on time
  • Scheduling and coordinating of developers based on an agile process
  • Reviewing approach documents and implementation plans
  • Facilitating communication among team members
  • Writing specifications and use case discerptions
  • Creating scalable products and services
  • Maintaining IT security awareness
  • Training of non-technical staff
  • Manual user testing


  • Opportunity to work on a wide range of challenges
  • Work on a big idea that is changing the world
  • Own your projects from conception to launch
  • Gain valuable experience and grow with us
  • Build your career at a great place to work
  • Competitive compensation

Selection Process

  • Multiple interviews will be conducted (using online questionnaires, Skype conferences and interviews on-site)
  • Forward a cover letter outlining your motivation (Do NOT apply if your motivation is limited to money only)
  • Proofread your application! Make sure you spell and capitalize correctly
  • Please email your CV plus references to support (at)
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to perform a test over the web

To increase your chances of standing out, answer the following questions:

  • What makes you think you got what it takes to be in charge of product management from conception to implementation to sales?
  • How do you use the products and services of our competitors and what would you improve there?
  • What can you contribute to our team?
  • Are you ready to move to St. Gallen?
  • Do you own digital cash?


    Engagement Process

    When you make it past the first stage, we’ll do a project together on contract via telecommuting. You will work remotely from your home office for the most part, which typically lasts 3 months, while joining us in our office location during a time frame of 1 to 3 weeks (depending on your work permit status) to see how we work together onsite. When you join full-time, you’ll be in a supporting role during the first few weeks, regardless of your position. We believe an early and ongoing connection with the people who build and use our products is irreplaceable.

    We receive a great many applications from unqualified applicants. Therefore, we kindly ask you to only apply if you really are experienced. Show us what you can do, if you believe you are indeed highly qualified.

    The recruitment situation in the local labor market is difficult for the bitcoin industry, as there is a lack of cryptocurrency experts with work experience in Switzerland. Nevertheless, we encourage Swiss job seekers as well as applicants from abroad to apply. We welcome applications from countries of the EU-28/EFTA such as Austria, Finland, Latvia, Portugal, Belgium, France, Liechtenstein, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, Luxemburg, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Spain, Cyprus, Iceland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom, Estonia, Italy, and Poland.

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