Lessons from the past for the benefit of future endeavors

Originally, Moving Media GmbH, the creator of Payment21®, was involved in online marketing and e-commerce software development. The company managed several Internet websites selling various products to consumers internationally, thus gaining expertise as an active online merchant. From this humble beginning in 2002, the founders transformed Moving Media GmbH into a technology company specialized in alternative Internet payment methods offering SaaS billing solutions with a focus on cross-border direct debit. Subsequently, Moving Media GmbH became an industry innovator in developing transaction-based Web services.

Early on, Moving Media GmbH addressed a persistent problem in the industry dealing with US customers who either did not have access to or chose not to use credit cards to pay for their online purchases. To solve this problem, back in 2006 the company invented a payment collection method based on Check21 Imaging, and called it "Instant eCheck™".

After teaming up with global industry leaders, Moving Media expanded its services to cryptocurrency, and incorporated all assets into a new proprietary software platform that represents the foundation of today’s processing technology. Moving Media currently powers the technical infrastructure of Payment21.com.

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