Bringing digital currency to online marketplaces

We are excited to announce that marketplace technology provider Arcadier has partnered with Payment21®. This partnership supports users of the online marketplace platform to accept bitcoin payments. 

Increased demand for a true global payment solution.

Arcadier, now powers over 2,000 marketplaces in 45 countries and 150 cities. This growth comes with a high demand for a payment solution that facilitates convenient and low cost digital cash payments internationally. Arcadier’s collaboration with allows sellers to quickly and easily add bitcoin payments to their checkout pages. The solution includes inbound payments and disbursements in bitcoin offering real-time settlement capabilities on a global scale. 

Arcadier’s headquarters in Singapore. The company is a leading Software-as-a-Service provider for white-label marketplaces of all sizes to everyone. It´s online platform connects sellers and buyers through the internet, thus creating efficiency. Individuals as well as businesses can list their products or services on their branded storefronts within the marketplace, and give vast access to a global audience. stands for Fintech in the 21st century. The Swiss-based operator is an innovation intermediary moving forward with the clever concept of utilizing cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. Moving Media GmbH is the owner of the Payment21®-brand, and a registered financial intermediary providing AML-compliant digital cash transactions at all times. 

Find out more about the Affiliate Partners Programs available at Arcadier and take a look at what you can build!  




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