International websites increasingly accept bank payments from U.S.-based consumers

Payment21® Check 21 and ACH payment method breaks through the boarders of doing e-commerce globally

Zurich/Delaware, June, 2011 – Payment21 LLC is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) whose most recent offering is Instant eCheck™ processing. This payment method allows international merchants to accept U.S. check payments securely via the Internet. Bank payments such as demand draft and direct debit transactions from U.S. consumers can be processed easily. Payment21.com allows online merchants to conduct business with U.S. consumers quickly and securely, without the necessity of a U.S. bank account.

It is virtually impossible for a merchant outside of the United States to open a U.S. checking account. The few banks that are willing to accept international merchants will most likely impose security deposits and an endless amount of requirements to the point that most merchants just can’t afford the account. In general, U.S. banks see substantial risk in dealing with foreign merchant account holders. They incorrectly perceive that non-resident businesses will have higher-than-normal return claims from customers. Payment21.com’s Check 21 and ACH payment processes change all of this.

Payment21.com’s gateway provides merchants with financial access to more consumers than any other alternative payment method in the U.S.A. Funds clear at much lower cost than credit cards.

Payment21.com's merchant approval policy is fully compliant with the PATRIOT Act. Due Diligence is carried out on all merchants. In order to comply with AML provisions, beneficial owners related to cross-border payments are identified. All information is protected by data protection laws.

Whether it is a Check 21 or ACH transaction, superior fraud prevention measures such as the customizable Verification Loop™ and the proprietary Mitigation Monitor™ ensure that www.Payment21.com has the solution that will save you money and enable more U.S. consumers to buy from abroad.

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