Medical Claims Clearinghouses can now Partner with Payment21® to provide payments services to their clients

Medical claims clearinghouses offer a range of services to the healthcare providers for an efficient revenue cycle management. Now the clearinghouses have the opportunity to expand their existing range of services by partnering with a Payment Service Provider (PSP) like Payment21®.

Traditionally, medical claims clearinghouse combine real-time and batch transaction processes to automate and efficiently manage the administrative tasks associated with patient registration, billing and collections, claims tracking and follow-up, and payment posting. They exploit the power of the Internet to automate healthcare transactions and information exchange between providers, payers, and patients.

With the rising demand for healthcare, the clearinghouses are also witnessing an increased demand for their services. In addition, Obamacare anticipates demand for patient bill paying over the Internet. However, the increased demand has resulted in greater competition from the existing players in the market and a flurry of new entrants. To get ahead of the competition, the clearinghouses need to expand into services like payment processing and offer a one-stop shop for all its customers.

The clearinghouses can make use of services like Payment21® White Label Processing Gateway (SaaS) to create their own Payment Gateway in using their own brand. Some of the benefits of using this technology are:

  • Complete technology solution developed, maintained and hosted by Payment21®
  • Online demo and live account-opening facility
  • All the tools needed to monitor your customers’ transactions
  • Worldwide access and fully serviced
  • No need to install equipment, purchase servers or invest in maintenance
  • Fully embedded technology options via Payment21® API

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