Mitigation Algorithm™ is now Mitigation Monitor™ (patent pending)

To create a stronger voice in the payments industry and to maximize our competitiveness in the challenging financial world, is taking decisive action. Now is the time to kick things up a notch, to refresh our brand and more accurately express how our fraud prevention tools help merchants to limit risk. From this vantage point, we have rebranded our self-developed mitigation process. Up until now this patent pending application was called mitigation algorithm because the team who invented the tool used to be involved into search engine technology. The name though, has been misleading to a certain extent. Our brainchild is in fact a fraud prevention system tailored to the needs of online merchants. It keeps an eye on incoming payments by monitoring transactions from a security point of view. Combined with our customizable Verification Loop™ it is able to detect suspicious transactions as well as specific human behavior under stress. For this very reason, our mitigation process is promoted as proprietary Mitigation Monitor™ (patent pending) going forward.

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