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In this article we look at the different aspects of the definition of Bitcoin that have emerged so far and try to differentiate it from the traditional definition of a currency.

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In this article we provide a simple comparison of VAT (Value Added Tax) in different jurisdictions including Germany, UK, USA, Japan, Canada, China, Singapore, India, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Brazil, Estonia, and Denmark.

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Many comments have been devoted to Bitcoin’s contribution in simplifying the legacy clearing and settlement system; but surprisingly, most of these articles lack a fundamental explanation to the mechanism of global payment system and the roles of central banks in global payment system. This article tries to bridge that knowledge gap and provide a simplistic description of the global payment systems.

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In this article we will discuss how does settlement of securities takes place, i.e. If “A” sells some shares to “B”, how do these shares actually move from A’s account to B’s? What is actually “moving”? What does it mean by “account”? Who is involved? What are the moving parts? We’ll start with a simple explanation of how the process works in case of paper based share certificates and then move on to the modern electronic systems.

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What is stopping Bitcoin from becoming a mainstream payment method?

Bitcoin network main problems

One major issue with Bitcoin is the size of the block chain. Why is it a problem and how could it be solved – these are the questions many people ask.

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Since its introduction in 2009 as the first crypto-currency, Bitcoin (BTC) has gained a lot of attention: both good and bad. Through these years, Bitcoin has been associated with a series of scams, money laundering, hacks, thefts, loss of wallets, and failed “Bitcoin exchanges”. As witnessed during 2013, BTC continues to gain popularity among people at an exponential rate, and more and more people are interested in buying BTC. However, most new users are unaware of the security issues that come with the crypto-currency.

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To understand bitcoins, whether it’s out of intellectual purpose or out of investment purpose, it is important to understand what are the real meanings of some jargons, namely, mining and block chain etc. Among them, block chain is the most critical one that should be fully understood.
What is block chain?

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The growth of electronic payments and e-commerce development in Russia is exponential. As a confirmation new giant players try not to lose opportunities and enter the market. Most remarkably, in mid-September 2013 Paypal started accepting payments in Russian rubles.

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Massive consumer boom in Africa

As the Internet becomes more and more accessible, affordable and faster in countries like South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, e-commerce is ready to take off.

Fragmented payment methods on the continent

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E-commerce is set to see greater heights in coming years, not just because of India’s rising Internet population, but also due to changes in the payment landscape

Payment landscape is undergoing change with the surge in e-commerce

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China Payments is a unique payment solution provided by Payment21® to help you conquer ‘the Great Wall’ and to connect you to 1.4 billion Chinese customers.

Chinese Market and Chinese customers’ behavior patterns

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Brazil matters

Latin America’s largest country (195 million people) and economy ($2.5 trillion GDP) is getting noticed for the best possible reason: success.

With a high proportion of affluent, Internet-savvy consumers and a strong and stable economy, e-commerce in Brazil is flourishing. Upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics boosted consumer confidence as well as investments from domestic and international investors to exploit the huge potential of Brazil’s market.

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The US auto finance and leasing market is well diversified. Consumers and commercial buyers can choose from a large number of captives, banks and independent finance organizations.

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n the recent battle between Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and unscrupulous telemarketers, FTC has proposed changes to the Telemarketing Sales Rules (TSR) to fight back the fraudulent telemarketers.

The proposed changes address many areas, including prohibiting telemarketers from accepting or requesting remotely created checks (RCCs) or remotely created payment orders (RCPOs) during inbound or outbound telephone calls. In a nutshell, FTC’s proposal seeks to ban telemarketers from using RCCs and RCPOs.

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Over the past two decades, the short-term, small-dollar credit market landscape has gone through dramatic changes. While the payday loan industry mainly serves customers and generates revenue through storefront operations, the early twenty-first century has witnessed a migration of payday loan providers to the Internet and Tribal Payday lenders have emerged as prominent players in the market.

Tribal Payday Lending: The concept of Sovereign Immunity

Begin accepting digital payments in 5 easy steps