ACH Debit & Credit

ACH works in two directions: debits & credits

Payment21® supports USD-payments one way or another. Our solution for ACH Debit & Credit facilitates clearing and settlement of electronic credit and debit transactions of every sort.

This service allows you to electronically debit your customers' checking and savings account for their purchases. Whether you need to accept a one-time payment or recurring payments, we have the solutions that will save your business time and money. Our state-of-the-art Payment21® ACH processing software is easy to install and use. It effortlessly allows you to streamline any ACH transaction accurately and securely. We are here for you every step of the way with advanced services and personalized support. Payment21®'s ACH services are an excellent solution for companies looking to reduce their check transaction time and integrate automatic settlements to their bank accounts.

Simply put, Payment21® ACH Debit & Credit processing is:

  • Versatile: Fits a variety of recurring and payout transactions.
  • Streamlined: Saves processing time.
  • Fast: Gives you quicker access to notifications and data.
  • Accurate: Ensures proper formatting and secure processing via our transaction platform.
  • Convenient: Processes transactions outside of business hours and anywhere.
  • Robust: Enables you to access a variety of management reports and reconciliation tools.
  • Accessible: Enables you to view your transactional data and management reports in real-time.
  • Flexible: Allows you to export report data to CSV and import it right into your accounting software.

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