Alternative payment methods

Dealing with an expert in the alternative payment landscape

Payment21® offers payments technology for a wide arrray of alternative payment methods to regulated companies.

Understanding the complex world of alternative payment options is a challenge. There are more than 300 alternative payment methods (non-card-schemes) used globally, and assumed to account for more than half of all online transactions.

Our disruptive payments technology connects consumers, businesses and financial institutions across the globe. Through our advanced payment gateway, clients are able to accept bitcoins and a number of other crypto coins.

Our consultative approach means we can help you minimize processing costs, and find the payments method that best suits your business.

  • Grow faster by quickly reaching customers in markets with low card penetration
  • Convert more sales by offering customers their preferred payment method
  • Cut out the complexity of working with different alternative payment providers
  • Grow intelligently by partnering with a global expert in local payments

Begin accepting digital payments in 5 easy steps