Card Payment Expertise

A decade of experience enables Payment21® to act as your independent advisor

Over the past 10 years, payment managers at Payment21® have acquired a high level of expertise in the complexity of e-commerce, expanding into the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Our key experts have been involved in international card payment processing since the birth of e-commerce. Together we bring decades of experience that integrates a variety of perspectives on this expanding market space. Proven leadership enables Payment21® to act as an independent trusted advisor, sharing knowledge concerning global card payments with all of the stakeholders that form our global payment network. 

We offer our merchants customized advice about best practices regarding the complex issues surrounding multiple currency processing, BIN sponsorship, regional interchange rates and interchange optimization, underwriting protocols and risk management, staying in sync with compliance needs in a changing regulatory landscape. 

Our global card program reduces complexity, saving you resources and costs while at the same time fostering transparency, business expansion and increasing profit.

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