Check21 SaaS

Check21 Software as a Service meets U.S. banking standards

Check21 SaaS works for clearing check payments in USD using both financial transaction standards: ACH and Check21 EPO. ACH means Automated Clearing House. EPO stands for Electronic Payment Orders. This standard is the latest technological solution for processing electronic payment orders resp. digital check images over the Internet.

Our proprietary solution allows your website to accept check payments and turn them into Check21-items. The payment process works instantly over the Web with no need for the customer to mail in a paper check. With our Application Program Interface (API), your website is automatically connected to our SaaS. Your customer's "pay by check" orders utilizing Check21 EPO can be cleared with the U.S. Federal Reserve System within a single day! This means your e-business enterprise can accept U.S. checks anywhere in the world, with Check21 SaaS automatically submitting and clearing these transactions online.

As soon as the transaction is properly authorized, our service creates a check entry, and then makes a check draft for printing, and subsequently generates a digital check in the Cloud. As a final step, the electronic image is transferred to the client`s bank for deposit to the merchant`s bank account.

Our authorization mechanism supports obtaining preauthorization from consumers for check payments through check drafting as permitted by The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act. Check21 SaaS ensures compliance with U.S.-banking rules and regulations. They are designed to provide consumers with robust protection covering check transactions based on the Federal Reserve Bank Operating Circular, as well as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). In addition to this, our authorization measurements are compliant with NACHA-operating rules for Web-initiated and TEL-initiated ACH-entries.

Check21 EPO - An online processing solution for electronic payment oders

Check21 SaaS provides accredited Remote Deposit Capture services in the Cloud. We enable merchants to accept electronic payment orders, also known as demand draft, in compliance with the Check21 Act. Check21® SaaS verifies financial data originating from electronic entries online, and offers print on demand (POD) and imaging capabilities. Our service leverages your e-commerce application and back office payment infrastructure through a Web-based truncation system and digital deposit engine. As your third-party digital lockbox provider, we automate imaging of check payments, and deposit Check21-items via Image Cash Letter to your bank. Our RDC service provides same-day clearing of funds to high-volume businesses that deposit thousands of checks a month.

eCheck Print™ - Remote capure of eCheck entries & secure printing of check drafts 

Our Saas-technology comes in black and white as well. This solution is aimed at merchants who already have an established bulk check deposit relationship with their bank, with perhaps even a method of scanning checks and sending mail-in checks electronically, also referred to as Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). 

 Demo AML/KYC-compliant on-boarding in 5 easy steps