We create clear and actionable plans to capitalize on opportunities

To set and achieve strategic objectives, organizations must make difficult, high-stakes choices regarding markets, products, channels, technologies, geographic reach, partnerships, and more. Payment21® guides clients through these critical decisions.

We help to identify, evaluate and prioritize strategic changes related to payments – from financial institutions and payment providers entering new markets domestically and internationally to merchants considering alternative payment products. Just as important, we also create clear, actionable plans to capitalize on these business opportunities. We work closely with our clients to span the considerable distance between strategic vision and practical, profitable implementation. Our experience in strategy and consulting spans:

  • Digital cash (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, etc.)
  • Cryptographic client applications / cryptographic protocols
  • Decentralized platforms for P2P-networks using cryptography
  • On-top-of-block chain implementations for distributed data storage
  • E-Signatures / Qualified Timestamps / Collective review technology
  • Web architecture for high-traffic and high-security applications
  • Internet Processing Gateways / Payment pages / API
  • White Labeling and Software as a Service (SaaS/PaaS)
  • Web / Smartphone-based Financial Data Visualization
  • Web-based boarding portal / Compliance procedures / Merchant approval policy
  • Merchant Contracting Matters / Legal and Regulatory Support
  • Fraud Prevention / Verification Services and Mitigation Monitoring
  • Cross border transactions / e-invoicing / workers' remittance
  • Return Management / Reconciliation Tools / Reporting
  • Business Unit Strategy / Product / Market / Channel Strategy
  • Implementation Planning and Change Management
  • Online Collaboration Management / Project Lead / Merger Integration
  • Partner and Alliance Strategy / Acquisitions / Public Relations
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Managed Services
  • Payment related patents / Source Analysis / Content Research and Writing
  • Bank-agnostic transaction technology for SWIFT-members
  • Access to Pan-European ACH / Single European Payments Area (SEPA)
  • SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) / SEPA E-Mandates / SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT)
  • Set Up of European Payments Institutions / SEPA E-Money Institutions
  • Application procedure, Set Up and Access to US ACH Network
  • Technical certification FEDACH / Electronic Payments Network (EPN)
  • ACH Connectivity Hub / outgoing tnx / Bank to Bank / ODFI to ACH Network
  • ACH-file generation, repository and transmission / NACHA-related monitoring
  • Check 21 Services / RDC, EPO and RCPO / Secure FTP / incoming tnx / WEB to Bank
  • Image Cash Letter (ICL) / X.9-file creation / Cloud-based services
  • Check 21 Connectivity Hub / outgoing tnx / Bank to Image Exchange Networks
  • Advisory on US Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) / US Anti-Money-Laundering (AML)
  • BSA / AML Risk Assessment Process for Third-Party-Payment-Processor (TPPP)
  • BSA / AML Compliance Program for TPPP
  • Due Diligence / PATRIOT Act / Know Your Customer (KYC) practices for TPPP
  • Access to ECS Debit and Credit / Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  • Access to China National Advanced Payment System (CNAPS)
  • Access to National Check Image Exchange System by the Central Bank of China (PBOC)
  • VISA / MasterCard Operating Rules, Merchant Acquiring and Agent Registration

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