Credit Cards Globally

Payment21® makes cross-border e-commerce domestic and profitable

We offer domestic acquiring on a global level with the same quality in each region. Business growth through geographical expansion is the ultimate goal of those involved in international e-commerce. Merchants will see profits increase as their business grows, both in terms of revenue and global presence.

E-commerce offers merchants unprecedented opportunities to sell products and/or services abroad. Even though acquiring banks offer domestic payment solutions, merchants with international customers need a full-service platform with international business partners to process global payments and service cross-border transactions on a global scale. 

Payment21®’s non-competitive relationships with banks and payment service providers around the world allow merchants to expand their geographical footprint. By connecting to the Payment21® Global Card Program, merchants get access to international business opportunities. Small businesses and accomplished vendors will benefit from our expertise in the cultural, legal and linguistic challenges domestic merchants face when trying to expand internationally. Our professionals provide you with advice about the right payment solutions, customized to your specific cross-border business needs.

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