Digital Checkbook App

Safe, easy & low-cost: writing digital checks on your smartphone

Why are banks still mailing out checkbooks when smartphones can generate digital items that are much more secure and economical than check stock?

Payment21® believes that there are huge opportunities for growth in the paper to digital check space, especially in the United States. As consumers grow more tech-savvy and demand simpler and faster ways to make digital payments, there is an eminent need for an application that enables digital check payments on the move - saving time and effort to both banks and end-consumers.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not all about cards! America is still in love with checks and it looks like an everlasting love. To catapult check payments into the digital era, the R&D-folks at Payment21® have developed a Digital Checkbook App.

Today, banks provide check paper to their customers. This cumbersome process can be replaced through a digital equivalent using the Payment21® Digital Checkbook App. With the introduction of Payment21® Digital Checkbook App, financial institutions will no longer have to mail out blank check stock to account holders. Banks can simply issue secure links carrying tokens. The Digital Checkbook App enables customers to write digital checks directly on their mobile devices.

The digital check item, created through the Payment21® Digital Checkbook App, carries unique identifiers such as phone number, customer ID and bank-issued check number. All confidential information is tokenized and all check payments are authorized through a unique PIN assigned to the Digital Checkbook App user.

Our Digital Checkbook App provides secure digital check items. It is the sustainable check payment solution for the digital era catering to the mobile ecosystem.


  • More secure than paper checks as digital items carry secure tokens
  • No fraud as check writer identity is matched with bank account
  • Check payments can be sent directly from mobile device
  • Supports ACH as an underlying payment method
  • Checkbook App supports remote mobile deposit
  • Easy to use and cost-efficient

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