E-Commerce & E-Billing

All in one go: e-commerce and billing over the WEB

Instant eCheck™ WEB enables merchants to accept consumer-initiated debit payments for e-commerce and e-billing through a website.

This solution comes with a streamlined online underwriting and integration process. Instant eCheck™ WEB enables the processing of consumer-initiated payments from a customer checking account. The consumer submits transaction and account information directly through the merchant’s payment page.

What is the difference between e-commerce and e-billing?


This feature comes with real-time processing. It is designed for merchants selling goods or services on the Internet. Consumers initiate check payment for products purchased from the merchant’s website. 


This feature comes with a Virtual Terminal that supports recurring billing and the issuance of e-invoices by e-mail. The solution refers to real-time transactions from consumers with whom the merchant has an established relationship or agreement. The consumer has an account with the merchant and utilizes a login process to access the merchant website payment options. The customer logs onto the merchant’s website with a username and password to initiate transactions. Payment21® provides a billing support page for this process, allowing consumers to trace their check payments. The e-billing feature is ideal for freelancer charges, fees, membership dues and other services for returning customers.

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