Migrate to SEPA e-mandate with smallest changes to your legacy scheme

Switching to SEPA Direct Debit requires conversions and extensions of data held in your existing domestic mandates. You can achieve this efficently and effectively with Payment21® SEPA Solutions.

The mandate migration module equips you a complete process to convert existing authorizations to SDD, it provides:

  • Automatic BIC/IBAN conversion
  • Automatic generation of the required Unique Mandate Reference (UMR)
  • Customer notifcation of conversion of their existing mandate to SDD
  • Archival and retrieval of existing mandates: digital and/or physical ones
  • Creation of SEPA e-mandates where mandates need to be re-signed
  • Complete paper-based process (with print, post & return mail service) if required
  • Automatic scanning, data dematerialization and digitizing newly signed mandates.

Manage mandates with a complete process

The mandate management module equips you a complete process to manage SDD mandates, it provides:

  • All features offered by mandate migration
  • Input of customer data via files, a web-based GUI or web services
  • Printing of debtor details onto a paper mandate
  • 'New mandate pack' can be printed and posted to debtor with your branding and/or customization
  • Use default mandates or customized and branded mandates if required
  • Scan signed mandates, dematerlize data and convert them into an electronic format
  • Scanning of signed mandates and storage of original mandate
  • Amendment of existing mandates
  • MIS Reporting on mandates

Mandates can be created and sent to your customers in 4 ways:

  • Download, print and send the mandates to your customers.
  • Allow customer to download / print mandates at the point of purchase.
  • Payment21 prints the mandates and sends automatically to your customers.
  • Payment21 prints the mandates in bulk and delivers to you.

Request further information on Payment21®'s SEPA Solutions here.

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