FI Connectivity Hub

Capitalize on Payment21®'s connectivity with settlement banks

Payment21® connects you with financial institutions (FIs) to enable you to send Check 21-files according to settlement bank specifications. This single point of connectivity gives you a more efficient way of working with settlement banks.

Check 21 EPO by Payment21® is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that has the unique functionality of being the switching hub through which third parties can transmit Check 21-files to banks for settlement. This allows you to capitalize on the connectivity Payment21® has established with settlement banks.

Ultimately, Payment21® is the single point of connectivity – giving you a more efficient way of working with settlement banks.

The benefits of Check 21 EPO to third-party software providers and merchants:

  • Eliminates the inefficiencies of establishing and maintaining connectivity with multiple banks
  • Offers the flexibility of choosing from a vast selection of banks, which makes your marketing efforts stronger
  • IT resources are not tied up interfacing with multiple banks

The benefits of Check 21 EPO to banks:

  • Streamlines Check 21 operations since banks receive the transactions for settlement processing from Payment21® in the format they define
  • Eliminates inefficiencies resulting from having to establish and maintain connectivity with disparate third parties
  • IT resources are more cost-effective because they’re used for core banking activities

Feel free to request a list of banks.

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