Identity Lock™

We provide proactive identity theft protection

Payment21® is dedicated to relentlessly protecting your personal information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We provide proactive identity theft protection using innovative technologies that power our proprietary gateway to secure merchants' customer bank account details, check data, and the identity of check-writers.

In order to do this, the "Identity Lock™" was invented by a Swiss based company specialized in developing software for safely processing direct debit transactions online. We are utilizing their proprietary technology to protect your identity. 

Identity look 

Here is how Identity Lock™ works:

Step 1:
The check writer registers online for Identity Lock™ and selects a security question and its answer.

Step 2:
The check writer then receives a callback to validate banking details, address, ID number and SSN.

Step 3:
Successful applicants receive an e-mail saying that they qualify for "Identity Lock™ - Swiss Made ID Protection".

Step 4:
Upon activation, our system displays a watermarked creative showing "Identity Lock™ - Swiss Made ID Protection - Certified Virtual Account by Payment21®" as soon as the check writer logs in. "Certified Virtual Account by Payment21®" means that the identity of the check-writer has been validated, so the check-writer is permitted to access payment details online. In addition, the creative carries our distinctive stamp "Payment21® Swiss Made Security Tool".

Step 5:
During checkout, the check-writer is routed to a Payment21® server. The server has two security levels: Level "Safe" requires that the check-writer provide a unique security answer when initiating a transaction; Level "Guarded" requires that the check-writer enter the security code received by SMS during checkout. Payment21® Identity Lock™ is not just a credit monitoring service. It delves deep to prevent fraud on the fly, and uses advanced technology to counter the ever more sophisticated schemes that today's thieves use to steal personal information - from old-school collection techniques to more advanced technologies such as malware and phishing scams that transmit data from your PC without your knowledge. By using Payment21® Identity Lock™, your customer account data remains fully protected.