Instant eCheck™ APIs

Our APIs come in all shapes and sizes ensuring custom integration

Payment21® offers different integration methods for Instant eCheck™ WEB to suit each individual merchant's needs: 

  • Payment21® Button is the easiest integration method. All you need to do is to copy and paste a short HTML code in order to route traffic to Payment21®. This solution is designed especially for small merchants.
  • Simple API is best suited to medium and small merchants who do not wish to allocate many resources to the integration process. Integration is simple and your customer traffic remains on your website. This offers a broad range of control options with regards to your corporate identity.
  • XML/SOAP API is for larger merchants who take advantage of the full-fledged integration service. This solution involves some technical development on the merchant's end, but in return allows for the highest degree of customization.
  • Recurring Billing API allows your customers to choose from your predefined recurring billing plans.
  • Shopping Carts like CS-Cart, Magento, OpenCart, osCommerce, ZenCart, Shopify and Joomla-VirtueMart have already integrated our payment method so you are able to set up Payment21® with minimal effort. A sign-up with Payment21® is required.

 With our Instant eCheck™ API merchants can accept ACH-payments over the Web.

 Demo AML/KYC-compliant on-boarding in 5 easy steps