Instant eCheck™ Button

Simply copy & paste the Instant eCheck™ Button to your cashier page

Simply copy and paste a short HTML code in order to route traffic to Payment21®. With this method, your customers enter transaction details and contact details themselves. Using our Application Programming Interface (API), your website will be redirected to the Payment21® site via a secure connection. Following a short technical integration process, you can paste the Instant eCheck™ Button onto your cashier page. This will give your U.S.-based customers the option of selecting Instant eCheck™ WEB (P21PaybyCheck) as an additional payment method.

Payment21 Button

Once the Instant eCheck™ WEB payment method has been selected, your customer is presented with a secure form, created on your side, on which they enter the check details including ABA routing number, bank account number, contact information, etc. In addition, the customer will be required to enter an e-mail address to which we can send a confirmation receipt before clicking the "Continue/Submit" button.

Check image

Next, your customer is presented with a confirmation page where he/she can review the entered data details and read your website required legal or authorization information.

Check image confirm page

Once the customer has accepted the payment terms and clicked on the "Submit Check" button, the transaction is sent to Payment21® for validation, verification, authentication and authorization. The customer is then presented with a customized payment confirmation page if the transaction is successful (or an error page if the Instant eCheck™  WEB failed to clear). The payment application layout and design of the cashier page showing the Instant eCheck™ WEB that is presented to your customer can be customized. You can include your own website logo, change colors and add text messages as you wish. Test our different APIs on our demo store utilzing Instant eCheck™ WEB.

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