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VirtueMart - open source shopping cart software for Joomla now supports Payment21®

We have developed our API module using VirtueMart, making the shopping cart available for quick integration with Payment21®'s payment method: Instant eCheck™ WEB.

Joomla is the world’s most popular open-source CMS (Content Management System). With 2.7% of the Web running on Joomla, this software is used by individuals, small & medium-sized businesses, and large organizations worldwide to easily create & build a variety of websites & Web-enabled applications.

VirtueMart is an open source e-commerce solution to be used together with a CMS called Joomla. Joomla and VirtueMart are written in PHP and can be used in typical PHP/MySQL environments. 

Instant eCheck™ WEB is supported by Joomla 1.5.x (current V1.5.25) and VirtueMart. After installing the new payment method, you will need to configure your security access details within VirtueMart. These details are provided during your online registration on the Payment21® website.

This payment module was developed with VirtueMart Version 1.1.9. Any previous version is not guaranteed to be supported.

  • Download the installation instructions here.
  • Download the payment module ZIP file here.
  • Demo Store: Test Joomla with VirtueMart Instant eCheck™.
  • Find our Joomla extension on Joomla or VirtueMart.

Payment21 with Joomla

Payment21 with VirtueMart

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