Managed Services

An option for delegating part of your day-to-day operations

Most merchants are so busy managing their core business operations that they decide to outsource business processes such as technical support or payment management in order to take advantage of other companies' expertise.

Companies have the option of delegating part of their day-to-day operations such as customer support, order booking, return processing, accounting reports, bank wires, back-office relations, batch closing, payment reconciliation, and other billing-related projects to Payment21®. Based on our years of experience, we can tailor a solution with our cutting-edge expertise and knowledge.

Our managed service unit has the technical capabilities and project experience to meet your needs and requirements. We enable you to achieve maximum cost efficiency, so your staff's time is used in the most efficient manner. After all, your internal resources are finite and your team is too valuable to use on anything but your core business. While delivering comprehensive, secure, scalable and robust solutions and services to you and your customers, we ensure that you get the best possible support.

The main objectives of our managed services are to resolve problems faster, take the risk out of your service delivery, and provide more efficient infrastructure. Ultimately, we can drive your costs down, too.

Our managed services may include:

  • Running day-to-day transaction screening services: This managed service includes human intervention, with manual transaction risk management carried out via our account rating system. This process comes with manual identity screening. It may include call center services and manual check entry. Specific customer validation and user authentication are available upon request. Real-time monitoring of your conversion rate in conjunction with our customized Verification Loop™ and the proprietary Mitigation Monitor™ is included as part of the managed services. 
  • Administrative Reporting: Daily executive summaries, settlement reporting and R-transaction management.
  • Batch-file transmission service: Creating a daily deposit bundle for ACH transactions and/or Check 21 items and transmitting it securely to the bank of your choice. This service can be provided multiple times on banking days and daily on all other transacting days regardless of weekends and holidays.
  • CRM service as follows: Customer support e-mail management for incoming & outgoing e-mail accounts; Back-end data management via unique URL; Phone support through dedicated 800 number; Your own URL for check-writer inquiries with self-service transaction look-up; Customized VoIP answering machine; Administration related to settings, secure user-logins for clients & partners; Technical support and software updates.

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