Misc. Transaction Fees

In addition to the flat-fee charging model, there are specific fees that may apply to certain transactions from Payment21® to the merchant.

Return Fee for bounced checks

USD 15.00-25.00* is charged per item for all transactions returned after the clearing process

*depending on bank charges

R-Prevention Fee for declined transactions

USD 0.25 is charged per item for all potential fraudulent transactions that are declined in order to prevent them from being returned.

Identifying suspicious transactions in advance means fighting fraud proactively. Our customizable Verification Loop™ and proprietary Mitigation Monitor™ (patent pending) are low-cost solutions which help merchants to minimize return while maintaining high approval rates.

R-Request Fee for reversals 

USD 0.25 is charged per item for all transactions reversed at the merchant's or check writer's request before clearing.

Resubmit Fee

USD 2.95 is charged per resubmitted item. This applies to non-sufficient funds (NSF) transactions. NSF may be represented twice for clearing.

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