One Stop Card Solution

One full-service payment platform for all your global transactions

Payment21® is making cross-border payments domestic. Our global card processing solution is scalable up to 22+ billion transactions, or 42,000 per minute.

From the birth of e-commerce, global card payments have been the technological backbone of a rapidly expanding electronic market facing such challenges as unprecedented technological innovation, changing business needs and an increasingly demanding regulatory landscape of complex legal obligations.

In the last ten years, our key experts have acquired a high level of knowledge that has enabled them to build innovative payment solutions based on a solid architecture and a secure technical infrastructure offers our customers one transparent interface to service global card payments through an international network of acquiring banks connected to a single, secure, full-service model.capable of meeting the demands of a complex card payment industry. Our global card program has been compliant with the latest PCI/DSS security standards since 2007. 

Our international payment network undergoes assessment each year by a Quality Security Auditor. Our innovative card payment platform and high availability architecture

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