Pricing Check 21 EPO

Check 21 EPO streamlines your collection process in the Cloud

Payment21®'s service is a bank-agnostic software suite that enables merchants, Money Service Businesses (MSBs) and Financial Institutions (FIs) to transact electronic payment orders in the Cloud in compliance with the Check 21 Act.

With Check 21 EPO, merchants accelerate account receivables and improve their cash flow due to instant clearing and settlement of funds directly into their dedicated bank account.

Volume pricing for ICL-generation and transmitting debits to FI with breaking points as follows Transaction Fee in USD
0 - 10 transactions /monthly 1.25
11 - 100 transactions /monthly 0.95
101 - 500 transactions /monthly 0.85
501 - 1000 transactions /monthly 0.75
1'001 - 5'000 transactions /monthly 0.65
5'001 - 10'000 transactions /monthly 0.55
10'001 - 50'000 transactions /monthly 0.45
50'001 - 100'000 transactions /monthly 0.35
100'001 - 500'000 transactions /monthly 0.25
500'001 - 5'000'000 transactions /monthly 0.20
Unlimited transactions Monthly Minimum + 0.15c*

*Flat-Fee is applicable to Financial Institutions (FIs) & Money Service Businesses (MSBs).

  • Set-up-cost: Free
  • Digital lockbox storage: Free
  • Maintenance charges: Free
  • Virtual terminal: Free (managed services: 0.35c)
  • Returns/resubmits: 0.45c
  • Blank check stock: 0.25c
  • Batch-fee per ICL-deposit: $5.00
  • Print on demand (POD): 0.25c
  • Printable check item for credit payment sent by e-mail: 0.25c
  • Paper check for credit payment delivered by letter mail: $1.75
  • Initial Deposit & Replenishment: $500.00


The price is based on the number of transactions. The billing period is 1 month. The pricing for the second month is based on the volume of the previous month, etc.

Pre-payment by wire transfer is required for first-time clients. A payment period of 30 days is allowed for regular customers. Fees are collected through ACH Debit. Funds to replenish your merchant account show up in the Payment21® back office. Fees will be deducted from your running balance. Your balance is accessible online in real-time.

Pricing applies to delivering input data through our API. Customization may be required to handle specific file-formats. Custom development is $140.00 per man-hour. IT-support to integrate your dedicated bank account with Payment21® is billed according to expenditure.

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