Print eChecks & RDC

Printing eChecks and remotely depositing check images 

Payment21® provides print on demand (POD) for eChecks and accredited Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) services in the Cloud. We enable merchants to accept electronic payment orders online in compliance with the Check 21 Act. Payment21® verifies financial data originating from electronic entries, and offers print on demand (POD) and imaging capabilities.

Our service leverages your e-commerce application and back office payment infrastructure through a Web-based truncation system and digital deposit engine. As your third-party digital lockbox provider, we automate imaging of check payments, and deposit Check 21-items via Image Cash Letter to your bank. Our RDC service provides same-day clearing of funds to high-volume businesses that deposit thousands of checks a month.

Payment21®’s service is a bank-agnostic software suite that enables merchants, Money Service Businesses (MSBs) and Financial Institutions (FIs) to transact electronic payment orders in the Cloud in compliance with the Check 21 Act.

Check 21 EPO is our Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) service for electronic payment orders, also known as check drafts - a versatile debiting tool that supports print on demand (POD) and check truncation. The Payment21® certified processing engine generates Image Replacement Documents (IRDs), and transmits Image Cash Letter (ICL), using our proprietary Web-based imager.

With Check 21 EPO, merchants accelerate accounts receivables and improve their cash flow thanks to instant clearing and settlement of funds directly into their dedicated bank account.

Your benefits:

  • Accelerated clearing times - meaning faster access to funds and improved cash flow
  • Compliance with the Check 21 Act and ACH rules resulting in sustainable banking relations
  • Streamlined collection process in the Cloud reducing your time- and labor-related expenses

To benefit from Check 21 EPO, merchants require a bank account with a financial institution accepting Check 21 Image Cash Letter (ICL).

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