Qualify for Check 21?

Do you qualify for Check 21 or ACH?

Check 21 EPO, our cloud-based Remote Deposit Capture service for electronic payment orders, provides same day clearing of funds to high-volume businesses that deposit thousands of checks a month.

This Payment21® service provides you with an accredited third-party digital lockbox, automates imaging of check payments, and deposits Check 21-items via Image Cash Letter to your bank.


  • Monthly minimum of 5000 transactions*
  • Corporate Account with a U.S. bank
  • Merchant and bank agreement to deposit Image Cash Letter

 *For merchants processing fewer than 5000 transactions per month, Payment21® recommends contacting your bank for Check 21-RDC via desktop scanner or mobile app.

As an alternative, choose Instant eCheck WEB™. Low volumes of e-check payments are best handled via our ACH solution.

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