Refunds & Returns

Importing and uploading returns and refunds in a batch file

Our payment gateway allows you to manage your payouts as well as returned checks efficiently.

Payment21®'s Refunds & Returns system has been developed specifically to provide our merchants with efficient, compliant and secure payment solutions using the ACH network. It is a convenient and secure payout system for merchants. You can send payments to your clients, affiliated agents and suppliers fast and at the lowest possible cost.

Payment21® Return Automation provides merchants with a specialized check return consolidation application to automatically import and upload in one batch file. As a result, your staff saves time, no manual work, no typing and no mistakes. Return Automation includes a variety of options to manage your returned checks: 

  • Batch File Transmission
  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • Telephone and e-mail notification
  • Various advice options

 Demo AML/KYC-compliant on-boarding in 5 easy steps