SEPA Solutions

Payment21® makes your company instantly SEPA-compliant

We provide a complete SDD-compliant payment processing solution. It is made up of three integrated modules, covering every aspect of the SEPA-migration process, from initial migration, including migration of existing legacy mandates and full paper handling services, to ongoing management and transaction processing.

Payment21®'s SEPA Solutions enable a business-as-usual approach to the SEPA Direct Debit scheme and to leverage all of the benefits offered by SEPA while avoiding typical pitfalls and additional costs. We have developed an award-winning suite of products, tools and services to assist corporates to migrate their payment processing to SEPA in a way that best suits their business requirements. Payment21®'s highly user-friendly solution is a managed service that allows corporates to become SEPA-compliant while making virtually no change to their existing systems and processes.

Benefits to corporates

Become SEPA-compliant in a 'Business as Usual' Manner: Payment21® SEPA Solutions allow banks to provide their customers with immediate access to the SEPA-covered market-places. This is achieved with minimum disruption and changes to current business processes.

  • SEPA migration has been made easy: Organizations can continue to submit existing legacy file formats and Payment21® will validate, enhance and convert to the appropriate SEPA format.
  • Sophisticated exception management: Payment21® SEPA Solutions deliver sophisticated exception management thanks to greater levels of STP rates. It will also automatically represent unpaid collections following a configurable period of time.
  • With Payment21®'s SEPA Solutions, corporates can gain improved services from their banks and in turn can offer improved services to their customers.
  • SEPA requires the use of ISO 20022 data models on an XML basis in the area of interbanking, thus Payment21® helps you to upgrade your infrastructure to universal financial messaging standards utilized by SWIFT, VISA and the FIX-protocol.

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