Simple API

The Payment21® Simple API allows a real simple integration process

This lightweighted API version is easy to modify and you will be able to process transaction in a very short time. In contrast to the main API the Simple API does not offer the rich functionality of our XML-integration interface.

We provide the necessary HTML-code of the web form which contains a check image. Merchants have to copy & paste this piece of code into their checkout application. If you choose the Simple API, your customer will see the check picture to be filled out for the Instant eCheck™ WEB payment directly on your website. The customer has to enter the check data and submit the check on your page and will receive the payment confirmation directly from you. The merchant also gets a notification immediately once the customer’s Instant eCheck™ transaction is entered into the system. This message carries the customer’s payment information such as amount, internal unique reference number and the transaction status of “Approved” or “Declined”. At the same time the customer check data will be transferred to the Payment21® processing engine for verification, validation, clearing and settlement.

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