Solid Underwriting

Fast and firm underwriting procedures and a high-end card platform

Our global card program offers our clients expertise in all aspects of risk management, providing the trust and expertise crucial to managing any merchant business.

E-commerce transactions are vulnerable to fraud and complex money laundering schemes. The relative anonymity of clients and high processing speeds are just two of the many risks that stakeholders in the global payments industry must manage. Our holistic approach to risk management has resulted in our best-practice, internationally approved underwriting protocol designed by key experts. Our solid and secure card payment processing platform and high-end reporting tool has distinguished our global card program as a world leader in the payment solutions industry.

Reduced Risk

We identify and mitigate risk before finalizing a business relationship with a merchant. The financial profile and true identity of the merchant must be verified. Collaterals are determined based on a combination of elements that form the customer’s risk profile:

  • What is the merchant’s financial history and track record?
  • What products and services are sold on its website and under what terms and agreements?
  • What delivery method does the merchant use and what is the expected transaction volume? 

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