Swiss Collection Services

Assisting merchants in collecting debt in Switzerland

Just and fair instead of just expensive: Fair and amicable debt collection is the term used to describe the settlement of receivables before resorting to judicially enforced debt recovery. In this case we have a clear and unequivocal credo: talk with the people concerned.

In Switzerland, the Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law (SCHEKG) does no regulate the settlement of receivables or debt collection. Beyond that, Payment21® applies self-governed rules to guarantee fair and cost effective debt collection. The secret to success lies in finding the right way to talk to the debtor in question. We try to find a fair and amicable solution within 30 days, whether in Switzerland or abroad. Thanks to our experience and our excellent internal information system we achieve this result more often than the average.

As many and varied as the negotiation tactics might be, and as simple and clear as our fee structure is, the opening of a file costs a fixed fee. Thereafter, success is the only thing that counts. If a payment can be collected, you pay Payment21® a success-based fee. If we are unsuccessful, the work we have done on your behalf is free.

With fair and amicable debt collection this is what we do for you. We provide regular, direct telephone contact with the debtor with a view to finding a solution as quickly as possible. Our services include: Our services include:

  • A firm but fair approach
  • Clear but unmistakable deadlines
  • Agreement with the debtor to settle by full payment or by installments, as appropriate
  • Continuous monitoring and follow-up of installments
  • Address research if the debtor's whereabouts are unknown (even if abroad)
  • Cooperation with our partners at home and abroad

Replace the need for unpleasant discussions with success. Use a specific file to test our services and our promise of success. We also do not shy away from comparison with other debt collection providers. Our approach will provide you with all the data you require for a benchmark comparison.

Keep your eye on the ball and don't waste time. Sometimes legal action is needed to convince a debtor to meet his or her obligations. Once again, Payment21® will do whatever is necessary to achieve the maximum success for you. If it comes to enforced debt recovery, seizure, a court case or bankruptcy proceedings, our experience, expertise and good relationships with government offices will pave the way both in Switzerland and abroad.

When it comes to enforced debt recovery, you can trust us. Payment21® maintains the best possible contacts with government offices. We are familiar with legal conditions all over Switzerland and have important local contacts abroad. Our in-house legal advisors settle disputes as quickly as possible without involving external lawyers. This minimizes legal expenses on your part.

Payment21® offers you its in-depth know-how in the financial sector and in the field of e-commerce, in particular with legal issues. By delegating these matters to, you can concentrate on the future of your business while we deal with the past.

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