Virtual Debit Card

Merchant-controlled card that cultivates customer loyalty

Payment21® works with a third party payment provider to offer a Virtual Debit Card (VDC) solution to its customers.

This alternative payment system is a merchant-controlled card with a consumer-focused edge that cultivates customer loyalty, making this service the next wave in the evolution of payment acceptance. It provides a substantial reduction in risk while increasing the bottom line. The process is simple: Payment21® VDC is issued on your website with a quick and easy sign-up - saving time, postage and fulfillment expense. Because our virtual cards run on the ACH payment method, all interchange fees will henceforth contribute to your profit margin rather than the bank's bottom line. Risk is essentially eliminated since our VDC is PIN-based and linked directly to a checking account that your customer designates. As a result, customers feel secure and you are able to realize reductions in write-offs and fees associated with returned checks and/or non-sufficient funds.

The benefits of Payment21® Virtual Debit Cards:

  • Eliminate interchange fees
  • Reduce risk associated with online payment acceptance
  • Improve existing customer loyalty
  • Improve cash management
  • Offer a turnkey solution from application to fulfillment
  • Increase your company's bottom line

To sum it up, you can increase your bottom line by eliminating unnecessary fees.

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