What is Instant eCheck™?

Check payments are popular among U.S. online shoppers

In fact, Instant eCheck™ WEB is a traditional check payment. It is as simple as that. The only difference is that it is not a regular paper check but a check payment made over the Internet. With Instant eCheck™ WEB, the payment is converted into an ACH-entry, becoming an electronic transaction.

Check payments are proven instruments linked to bank accounts. To purchase goods or services, check-writers authorize merchants to debit their account for the designated amount. Consequently, online payments using our Instant eCheck™ WEB payment method are very much like cash payments - much like bill payments via online banking or withdrawing money at an ATM. Essentially, it is cash straight out of the bank account.

Instant eCheck™ WEB serves a large group of consumers who prefer not to use credit or debit cards online. It allows online merchants to debit customers' checking and savings accounts for their purchases on the Web. This check payment method provides a mechanism for consumers who have checking accounts but do not have a credit or debit card. Even though Instant eCheck™ WEB is primarily designed for processing Web-initiated ACH-entries, our eCheck solution is expandable - much like a Swiss army knife. Payment21® enables Internet merchants to process and clear online check payments in both U.S. banking formats: ACH and Check 21.

Instant eCheck

Offering essential characteristic processing features with multiple payment types is an effective way to expand your total available market, improve customer satisfaction and reduce shopping cart abandonment. In fact, studies show that having three or more payment options available will increase an online merchant's transaction completions by 12%.

Instant eCheck™  WEB is safe due to the customizable Verification Loop™ and our proprietary Mitigation Monitor™ (patent pending) - our fraud prevention process is able to determine how likely a specific check is to be returned. With Payment21®, merchants' and consumers' minds are put at ease. Find the supported shopping cart solution providers here.

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