White Label Check21 EPO

Payment21® White Label eCheck Processing Gateway

Banks, PSPs and merchants with substantial check volume will benefit from Payment21® White Label Processing Gateway. Through this Software as a Service (SaaS), we provide you with your own customized payment gateway. You will have direct access to our Web services supporting ACH transactions and Check 21 items. Our White Label SaaS comes with a secure back office interface and a hosted Web template with your branded skin.

As a White Label partner you can offer your customers the same services that we currently have at Payment21®, including our proprietary technology and core products in ACH and Check 21, and our value-added services. In short, your company can take full advantage of our technology under your own brand. Our White Label solution consists of a fully branded standalone website combined with our secure back-end processing gateway. 

Benefits of this model include:

  • Complete technology solution developed, maintained and hosted by us
  • Online demo and live account-opening facility
  • All the tools needed to monitor your customers' transactions
  • Worldwide access and fully serviced
  • No need to install equipment, purchase servers or invest in maintenance
  • Fully embedded technology options via our API

We can tailor the product range and the default layout of the White Label gateway to the partner's requirements. It is worth noting that the full White Label package requires a certain level of commitment and resourcing from the partner. There are associated costs for building a White Label solution; i.e. set-up cost for Web services, gateway maintenance and software licensing fees, expenses for third-party validation, verification, authentication, authorization services, and fees for managed services, if applicable. 

Once you have Payment21® White Label SaaS, your internal payments experts will be free to allocate human resources to carry out day-to-day tasks such as customer support, transaction processing and screening, manual transmission scheduling and fraud prevention jobs. However, Payment21® can take over the operational duties on your customized gateway and manage services on your behalf. You can find more information under "Managed Services."

In addition to working with Internet merchants, we also offer our broad range of ACH and Check 21 products to partners such as payment service providers (PSP), banks and financial institutions (FI). Our products and services are in the mature development stage and can be customized to suit a particular partner's needs.

Benefits of this model include:

  • Adds value to your B2B merchant services on ACH and Check 21 with no further investments required
  • Expands business relationship to other geographical and international regions
  • Positions your bank on the Web since Payment21® connects to the booming E-commerce market
  • Complements your existing ACH processing, RDC and cash management services
  • Makes your online banking more attractive and convenient to your customers, allowing them to use their bank account details safely when buying online
  • Increases your bottom line by reducing processing costs from this paper-to-electronic migration as a large portion of paper check handling is eliminated
  • Helps your bank to increase usage of online banking in order to decrease operational expenses
  • Uses the Internet as a sales and marketing channel
  • Connects you to thousands of online merchants interested in your financial products
  • Maintains the bank's security and system integrity with our White Label products
  • Increases your liquidity from funds processed and secures sustainable competitive advantages
  • Offers merchants a checking account at your bank to receive funds transferred by Payment21®

Payment21® White Label SaaS is used for both B2C as well as B2B business. Are you interested?

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