Pre & Post Crowdfunding

Crypto Paying Agent for AML-compliant crowdfunding projects and their crypto-friendly banking partners

Payment21® serves as an accredited crypto paying agent for AML-compliant crowdfunding projects in the digital currency sector, and supports traditional custodians and depository banks in their efforts to provide cutting-edge financial services.

Handling funds originating from pre & post crowd-sale projects requires enhanced risk mitigation and the usage of forensic blockchain analysis tools utilized by crypto experts. Our gateway enables selected clients such as AML-compliant crowdfunding projects, to process funding in cryptocurrency, and settlements in legal tender independently. The payment flow of crypto and fiat is structured on an organizational level, enabling banking partners to maintain deposits in fiat currency only, and without the institution having to deal with cryptocurrency directly.

We encourage financial intermediaries such as financial institutions, investment funds and asset managers to take advantage of our pre & post crowdfunding processing solution for digital assets. Regulated firms are eligible to utilize our clearing & settlement infrastructure, offering managed currency risk to access digital currency markets and ensuring compliance with AML/KYC-procedures with enhanced due diligence when keeping accounts for crowdfunding projects, better known as Initial Coin Offerings, ICO or Initial Exchange Offerings, IEO.

Our OTC Exchange provides tailor-made solutions to FATF-jurisdictions, keeping compliance requirements and the needs of institutional clients, qualified investors and retail investors alike in mind.


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