Crypto API

Straightforward APIs to integrate digital currency

Payment21® provides simple and powerful APIs to integrate digital cash into your business or application.

Our gateway is an incredibly versatile payment tool. The APIs provide an easy-to-use client interface with built-in capabilities for handling a large volume of transactions. Our Crypto Payments API is for larger merchants who take advantage of the full-fledged integration service. This solution involves some technical development on the merchant's end, but in return allows for the highest degree of customization. It is a simple, RESTful API to the one and only AML-compliant Bitcoin processing gateway in the world. Payment21® provides a standards-based REST interface which enables developers to interact securely with a given merchant account. The gateway allows you to embed invoices on your cashier page. Shoppers never have to leave your site during the checkout process.

You may call our API directly:

  • Submit payment requests in your local currency
  • Display payment instructions on your website
  • Receive push notifications with status updates
  • Receive fast settlement to your bank account

Be your own bank

Payment21® provides a simple and powerful Wallet API allowing users to send and receive digital currency payments.

Creating a new bitcoin wallet takes literally a few seconds. You are able to send and receive payments immediately.

The Crypto Wallet API allows:

  • Sending and requesting crypto payments via smartphone by using your Wallet App
  • Paying by email using your bitcoin address or broadcasting directly to the block chain
  • Securely storing digital money and creating e-wallets
  • Buying and selling digital cash (exchanging it to your local currency)
  • Access to raw cryptographic payment network data (blocks, transactions, addresses, etc.)

Begin accepting digital payments in 5 easy steps