Initial Exchange Offering

Initial Exchange Offering - getting it done the compliant way*

Payment21® leverages partnerships with digital currency projects enabling crowd-sales of tokens to institutional investors, qualified investors, and retail investors worldwide. 

We offer Fintech consulting services, software engineering, and regulatory technology to companies looking for crowdfunding on a P2P-basis. In addition, our IEO service provides correspondent crypto services to financial intermediaries such as banks, investment funds, and asset managers. Our IEO service initiates digital cash flows across blockchains. Payment21® brings digital currency projects into the world by bridging the gap between the digital cash ecosystem and regulated financial services. The IEO service includes consulting, compliance, research & development, connectivity, marketing, distribution, and trading.


Service Level 1: Consulting

  • Creation of distribution model
  • Assistance on the White Paper
  • Assistance on the Financial Model
  • IEO lead management consultancy
  • Guidance through the entire project
  • Execution plan for marketing initiatives
  • Analysis and scheduling of token project
  • Definition and analysis of digital cash flows
  • Determining suitable properties of the token
  • Determination of project implementation plan
  • Assistance on the Technical Tokenization Concept
  • Connectivity to cryptocurrency infrastructure providers
  • Assistance on the Prospectus, Memorandum, One-Pager
  • Interdisciplinary implementation of sprints with all parties involved
  • Advisory on company law in collaboration with accredited partners
  • Consulting on taxation issues in collaboration with accredited partners
  • Advice on formation of legal entity in collaboration with accredited partners
  • Advice on accounting and auditing in collaboration with accredited partners


Service Level 2: Compliance

  • Bundled Expert Knowledge
  • Integrated Fintech Concept
  • Defining Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • Defining Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
  • Implementation of AML/KYC-procedures
  • Selection of applicable compliance procedures
  • Providing audit trails and financial transparency
  • Compliance advisory with a hands-on approach
  • Evaluation of jurisdiction and legal consequences
  • Assistance in obtaining legal opinions for various jurisdictions
  • Assistance on the Agreement for Token Sales
  • Adherence to international standards for financial market supervision and regulation
  • Structuring of tokenized assets and blockchain crypto property (BCP) classification
  • Regulatory consulting with Fintech lawyers and qualified experts through our network
  • Providing validation, verification, documentation, certification and authentication services


Service Level 3: Research & Development

  • All-inclusive Package
  • IT project management
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Developing payment page
  • Developing crowd sale page
  • Integrate with digital exchanges
  • Create token exchange and distribution application
  • Fintech solutions enabling secure consignment of tokens
  • Preparation and technical execution of Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • IT-security and custom-built token storage solutions (hot & cold wallet)
  • Regulatory technology to process tokens entrusted for P2P distribution
  • Set and enforce code-level token rules and governance for crowdfunding
  • Creation of digital cash products and services by accredited Fintech specialists
  • Research and development, customized technical engineering, token-related programming
  • Selection of platforms and smart contract software for cryptographic tokenization of assets
  • Supporting issuance of tokens utilizing underlying assets (e.g. based on crypto software projects, financial instruments, intangible assets, real assets, receivables or property rights)


Service Level 4: Marketing**

  • Live Events
  • Launch Countdown
  • Youtube Broadcasting
  • Roadshows & Exhibitions
  • Enhance brand recognition
  • Improve marketing messaging
  • Grassroots marketing campaigning
  • Edit investment marketing materials
  • Creation of promotional web content
  • Promoting token-based crowdfunding
  • Target audience and attract new users
  • Target specific clients with custom needs
  • Language localization of crowd sale page
  • Research and develop monthly content plan
  • Position Token Issuer in their target markets
  • Run social media campaigns for token sales
  • Community management through to the end of the IEO
  • PR for digital currency media and mainstream channels
  • Cultivate a user community who will evangelize the token
  • Establish an active presence in targeted online communities
  • Increase awareness of products and services of Token Issuer
  • Conduct digital marketing with in-house marketing specialists
  • Promoting the launch of the new blockchain-driven application
  • Execute marketing plan in collaboration with third-party agencies
  • Communicate the advantages of Token Issuer across all mediums
  • Educate community and audience about the IEO to increase interest and awareness
  • Create momentum in the media by drafting and publishing press releases and articles
  • Publish timed press releases in the bitcoin media space and in mainstream media outlets


Service Level 5: Connectivity

  • Connectivity to blockchains
  • Verification of TGE governance
  • Cross-linking with digital markets
  • Authentication of MultiSig issuance
  • Certification of Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • Accreditation of technical tokenization concept
  • Configuration and confirmation of network access
  • Providing regulatory technology to tie-in P2P market participants
  • Establishing platform-agnostic Fintech services for digital currency projects
  • Access to exchange services making digital currency mutually interchangeable
  • Interfacing on-boarding systems for institutional investors and qualified investors
  • Dedicating resources and building web properties to maintain the crowdfunding process
  • Linking software platforms to handle public token offerings and digital cash management
  • Connecting Token Issuers and token contributors offering safety, credibility and assurance


Service Level 6: Distribution***

  • Global Distribution Focus
  • Software services for digital cash management
  • Set-up of applications to access digital cash markets
  • Software services for settlement payments to Token Issuer
  • Inbound and outbound payments processing for investment funds
  • Set-up of clearing & settlement infrastructure for P2P applications
  • Pre-& Post-trade processing of digital assets for financial institutions
  • Collecting and safekeeping of deposited funds for regulated companies
  • Software services for the distribution of tokens from issuers to contributors
  • Maintenance of transactional e-wallet services for P2P transactions during the IEO
  • Acting as accredited crypto paying agent for custodian banks and depository institutions
  • Providing tailor-made solutions to any jurisdiction keeping compliance requirements in mind
  • Software for cryptocurrency payment processing of initial token crowd sales for Token Issuers


Service Level 7: Trading***

  • Native Financial Service Advisory
  • One-stop OTC Brokerage Solution
  • Trading & hedging of digital assets
  • Business analysis and market launch
  • Developing add-on fiat exchange services
  • Targeting of established token contributors
  • Research services for the digital cash ecosystem
  • Contracting third-party traders for liquidity guarantees
  • Catering for sophisticated trading strategies and risk profiles
  • Introduction to qualified investors and accredited crypto-related hedge funds
  • Administrative handling of contributions through our OTC Exchange gateway
  • Establishing market opportunities through listings on third-party crypto exchanges
  • Offering financial trading services and underwriting through regulated third-parties
  • Set up of crypto exchange services for Token Issuers and Token Contributors alike
  • Opening up digital fundraising capabilities: starting from CHF 500k to +100m per project


For information regarding the onboarding process, please refer to our FAQs:


For further information regarding FINMAs ICO regulations, see the following links:

ICO Guidelines

ICO Regulatory & Supervisory Framework

*Responsible business practice and investor protection is important to us. Payment21® is focused on utility token, payment token and hybrids. Due to regulatory reasons, Payment21® supports Security Token Offerings (STOs) only if the project is a licensed bank or securities dealer or exchange, or if the STO has partnered with such a regulated financial intermediary. Token Issuers registered in the United States of America and token contributors residing in the USA are supported under certain conditions only (i.e. Reg D, Reg S). Having said that, depending on P2P-arrangements and the properties of the token, exception rules may apply. Regardless of the jurisdiction, a legal opinion and/or other further clarification from a lawyer may be necessary to confirm that the Token Issuer does not require a banking license, or violate other financial market laws, or investment provisions, or AML/KYC rules and regulations. Consulting with our in-house compliance team is available upon request.


**No information published on this Website constitutes financial, legal, tax or investment advice. No marketing material published by Moving Media GmbH DBA constitutes a solicitation, offer or recommendation to buy or sell cryptographic tokens, crypto-currency or any other investment instruments or to conclude any other transactions or any legal acts whatsoever. Users should obtain advice from a qualified expert before making any investment decision. The value of cryptographic tokens and/or cryptocurrency may fall as well as rise at any time, and therefore carry a higher level of risk. Total loss cannot be excluded. Users of this website should inform themselves about the legal requirements of P2P transactions utilizing cryptographic tokens and/or cryptocurrency as it relates to their countries of citizenship, residence or domicile.


***In this context, does not provide centralized token platform services or any other form of third-party financial services to token issuers and/or token distributors. Our value proposition includes tailor-made advisory services and custom-built technical products for P2P transactions only. Our IEO service is not subject to regulatory approval, and not related to our bitcoin cashier system and/or any other activity as a registered financial intermediary.


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