Initial Token Offerings - getting it done the compliant way*

Payment21® leverages partnerships with digital currency projects enabling crowd-sales of newly issued coins to institutional investors, qualified investors, and retail investors worldwide. 

We offer Fintech consulting services, software engineering, and regulatory technology to companies looking for crowdfunding on a P2P-basis. In addition, our ITO service provides correspondent crypto services to financial intermediaries such as banks, investment funds, and asset managers. Our ITO service initiates digital cash flows across blockchains. Payment21® brings digital currency projects into the world by bridging the gap between the digital cash ecosystem and regulated financial services. The ITO service includes consulting, compliance, research & development, connectivity, marketing, distribution, and trading.


*Responsible business practice and investor protection is important to us. Due to regulatory reasons, Payment21® does not support Token Issuers registered in the United States of America. In addition, we do not support token contributors residing in the USA. Having said that, depending on the P2P-arrangements and the properties of the token, exception rules may apply. Regardless of the jurisdiction, a legal opinion and/or other further clarification from a lawyer may be necessary to confirm that the Token Issuer does not require a banking license, or violate other financial market laws, or investment provisions, or AML/KYC rules and regulations. Consulting with our in-house compliance team is available upon request.

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