Payment21® Button

Accept digital currency on your website in an embedded window

Payment21® can be integrated easily and quickly through a simple payment button.

The payment button includes features such as:

  • Allowing you to accept digital cash on your website
  • Suitable for personal payments, shopping cart integration, or donations
  • Prices can be shown in digital currency or your local currency
  • Digital currency can be automatically cashed out daily to any bank account
  • First time users can purchase digital currency if they don't own any
  • Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) can be sent to your website when an order completes

Simply copy & paste the Payment21® Button to your cashier page

Simply copy and paste a short HTML code in order to route traffic to Payment21®. With this method, your customers enter transaction and contact details themselves. Using our Application Programming Interface (API), your website will be redirected to the Payment21® site via a secure connection. Following a short technical integration process, you can paste the Payment21® Button onto your cashier page.

View our full documentation to start the integration process.

Begin accepting digital payments in 5 easy steps