Tailored Pricing

You get what you pay for: Customizable pricing for everyone!

Payment21® offers different pricing plans tailored to the requirements of clients.


Transaction fees and processing charges for products and services depend on the business model, industry vertical, licensing status, transaction volume, geographical location and risk category of the client.


AML/KYC Profiler™

Compliance services for validation, verification of customer data including Selfie-Upload, online video identification, MRZ-passport authentication tool, and manual or SMS-authorizations of Form A, Form K, Form S and Form T.

Pricing per customer, per year: EUR 50.00


R-transactions (e.g. returns, refunds, reversals for cancellations, refusals in terms of disputes, rejections, recurring transactions through E-Billing, resubmit requests for adjustments, reminders for debt collection).

Pricing per transaction: EUR 0.95

Advisory Services

Initial consulting services include the first discovery phone conference or a working session or a meeting with our Fintech Team plus a basic analysis of the use case through our compliance committee, resulting in a summary report delivered in writing. Pre-payment is required to secure a free spot with our cryptocurrency experts.

EUR 500.00. Buy now and pay with XBT by simply clicking on the payment button!


Customized Quotation

Customized quotation on technical development includes analyzing specifications by our engineering team. Clients are charged at a flat-rate for reviewing documentation and software requirements, resulting in a written summary report containing a detailed cost estimate and an implementation plan with a timetable for custom-made integration.

EUR 500.00. Buy now and pay with XBT by simply clicking on the payment button!



We refund 50% of the on-boarding fees, if an account opening is turned down.

EUR 5’000.00. Buy now and pay with XBT by simply clicking on the payment button!



 Demo AML/KYC-compliant on-boarding in 5 easy steps