Providing deep liquidity to sound members of the ecosystem

Trusted counterparties play a critical role in expanding the reach of our OTC Exchange.

If you are a digital currency exchange, crypto wallet provider, or other distinguished member of the digital cash ecosystem, and you are interested in gaining additional liquidity options in your local fiat currency, or your preferred cryptocurrency, we would love to hear from you to explore mutually beneficial trading opportunities.

As one of the longest standing digital currency processors in the world, has consistently led the way in pioneering regulation and oversight in the industry, since it has entered the world of cryptocurrencies. The prudent and cautious approach we take to securing our client's funds is driven by our desire to provide a solid and secure gateway.

Capital adequacy and business stability

Payment21's capital adequacy and business stability are ensured through a stringent internal audit process. All departments of the company (operations, finance, compliance, data protection, IT-infrastructure) are scrutinized periodically. Additionally, all aspects of our business pass through regular third-party audits conducted by external auditors as well as our banking partners.

All operational activity is audited by a leading Swiss accounting firm on a yearly basis, safeguarding financial soundness. A permanent audit system, overseen by independent legal advisory specialized on preventing money laundering, ensures process robustness. As a regulated financial intermediary, Payment21® strictly adheres to all applicable requirements for AML/KYC-compliance.

Our firm is a well-established counterparty that cannot vanish overnight. Counterparties may rest assured that their money is entrusted to a company with adequate operation capital in place. We preserve Payment21’s reputation by strictly adhering to laws and regulations, and mitigating counterparty risk through an incremental risk approach which enforces compliance tiers and transaction limits to ensure resilience.

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