Crypto Trading Desk

Broker-assisted liquidity sourcing and bank-grade cash management

Professional cryptocurrency brokerage for high volume orders.

The trading team executes high volume orders and is continuously evaluating market conditions. We offer a simple approach to individual trading needs with broker-assisted execution designed to meet the requirements of professional market participants, and offering a personal touch to each client.

As a client of the Crypto Trading Desk, you have access to a professional broker as your single point of contact to provide you with information on how to executed trades without risking order book slippage, even during times of volatility.

Our over-the-counter (OTC) service is ideal for financial institutions and experienced traders looking to take advantage of our off-market opportunities locking in favorable rates and executing larger orders with minimal friction. Institutional investors benefit from competitive pricing and reliable services to ensure the best execution possible for their customers' orders.

Client accounts are self-managed as far as portfolio performance goes. Our Crypto Trading Desk acts as a safe intermediary facilitating the execution of your deals. Clients are not provided with market guidance in terms of recommended portfolio diversification or profitable positions. As such, no performance fee is levied, and we simply apply a standard broker fee.

Dealing with a regulated counterparty like Payment21® reduces compliance risks for banks and its correspondents. Our regulatory status with its on-going independent audits brings lower exposure to risk to clients and mitigates IT-security risks at the highest level.

Our brokerage maintains business relations and essential liquidity levels with leading exchanges and the top OTC trading desks in the industry. Based on our long-standing experience in the digital cash ecosystem, we are in the position to source the best prices on a global scale.

The process is quick and easy: Register with us and complete the on-boarding procedure. Once approved, you are good to go and ready to request a quote online. Upon confirmation of the deal, our brokerage will secure the trade. As soon as the payment has been settled, crypto or fiat will be delivered to you.

Payment21® provides access to block size liquidity for qualified investors or institutions looking to buy or sell digital currency. The minimum order for OTC-deals is EUR 100k.

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