Escrow Service

Trusted Escrow Service Provider - Payment21®

Trusted escrow service offered to on-boarded buyers and sellers looking for a secure transaction intermediary and trade settlements. Payment21 provides bank-grade processing of crypto assets through our award-winning settlement gateway.

The primary difference between an escrow transaction and an OTC transaction is the addition of mandates. In the escrow process, Payment21 acts as a neutral party to settle a trade brought forward by an agent or buyer/seller. In the OTC space, Payment21 acts as the agent to negotiate a trade between two parties and conducts settlement.

By virtue of our policy, Payment21's OTC Exchange process is de facto an escrow. We always act in an independent agent capacity. We will never take a principal position in any transaction to avoid any conflict of interest with the client.

AML/KYC Compliance
Due Diligence is carried out on each buyer and seller.’s approval policy is fully compliant with Swiss regulations for financial intermediaries, and all applicable laws including proper Know Your Customer (KYC) practices.

As a trusted intermediary, Payment21 ensures full discretion among the parties of the deal, while AML/KYC-compliance is maintained.

Payment21 is a regulated financial intermediary, as we are a licensed exchange office for cryptocurrency. This means the financial regulators carry out audits and conduct on-site checks on a regular basis. Our fiat deposits are bank insured.

The task of auditors and regulators is to govern the implementation of the obligations required under the law and to ensure that financial intermediaries fully comply with legal requirements. The company operating Payment21® is subject to these provisions, and its regulatory status is publicly verifiable.

Payment21® uses a two-step authentication and authorization process. The system processes transactions with institutional-grade security. The servers are protected with multiple firewalls and premium antivirus software.

Personal Data Protection
All client information is safeguarded by Swiss data protection laws.

Tailor-made Support
Our escrow team works closely with you to ensure safe, fast, and efficient clearing & settlement.

Distribution Partnership
Partner accounts offer revenue sharing opportunities and fee distribution among agents.

Low Cost
Flat fees & highly competitive exchange rates per transaction. Customizable commissions; discounted charges; fair-value pricing. Please note that all escrow trades start at a minimum of EUR 100,000.

Speak with the Payment21 Escrow Team
Send us an email and a member of our escrow team will contact you shortly. We are also available on Skype; Telegram and a number of other social media channels.


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