Shoppers get a fair rate when spending their digital currency with our clients

Payment21® consolidates market depth from multiple exchanges to quote a Fair Value Rate (FVR). The FVR shows digital currency compared to foreign exchange rates providing shoppers and clients alike with recommended average prices reflecting actual market conditions.

On a best-efforts basis, our Bitcoin Cashier System offers shoppers a better rate for spending their digital currency with a client than by selling digital currency on an exchange. To calculate exchange rates, Payment21® pulls market data from exchanges with adequate liquidity and withdrawal capability around the world. The order books across all qualifying exchanges are merged into a consolidated feed composing the Fair Value Rate.

The FVR is updated in near real-time and available via our Crypto Payments API.

Payment21® supports the following processing currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY.

Payment21® supports the following settlement currencies: EUR, USD, CHF.

The processing currency is the currency that is displayed to the customer on the client's checkout page together with the bitcoin pricing. The processing currency is the basis for exchanging digital currency into legal tender. For instance, if someone pays in digital currency in relation to USD, our system converts digital currency to USD and USD to EUR automatically by using the exchange rate feed published by the Swiss National Bank. This is a pure virtual conversion of the official mid-market reference of the central bank assisting clients to process various currencies at a fair conversion rate.

The processing currency should not be confused with the settlement currency. This refers to the funds that the client receives as a settlement payment after digital currency has been exchanged. Our standard settlement currency is EUR.

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