OTC Exchange

Exchange Crypto Over-The-Counter

Institutions buy and sell digital currency with a trusted counterparty

To accomplish its vision, Payment21® reinforces and leverages the capabilities of our current partnerships with digital exchanges and financial institutions. Whether you're buying or selling digital currency, we grant you a secure connection to stable and deep liquidity. We are an experienced over-the-counter market-maker for digital currencies & ether. Our firm is a registered financial intermediary offering same-day pre & post-trade processing, and a dedicated account manager for investors.

Fair Value Rate

Payment21® consolidates market depth from multiple exchanges to quote a Fair Value Rate (FVR). Our crypto trading engine pulls market data from market places with adequate liquidity and withdrawal capability around the world. The order books across all qualifying exchanges are merged into a consolidated feed composing the Fair Value Rate. The FVR shows digital currency compared to foreign exchange rates providing clients with recommended average prices reflecting actual market conditions.

Limited Risk

Our company operates an enterprise-level OTC-brokerage processing domestic and international buy and sell transactions. Payment21.com renders over-the-counter market making services, and tailor-made trading to institutional investors, qualified investors, and selected retail investors. Dealing with us comes with limited counterparty risk as we supply a secure gateway and provide the legal framework to trade digital currency in an AML-compliant way.

Buy and sell digital currency with a regulated partner

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are a lot of new investment possibilities. It can be difficult to judge which ones are worth your money. That is why we offer a simple & easy way to trade the most sought-after currencies on the market. We establish trading opportunities in the digital money ecosystem for the following cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, XBT

  • The Bitcoin network is working successfilly since 2009
  • Bitcoin is the gold standard of cryptocurrency
  • Synonymous, transparent & decentralized
  • The first and most secure digital currency

Ripple, XRP

  • Used by over 75 financial institutions for cross-border payments
  • Incredibly fast transactions on a scalable network
  • Capacity of 1500 transactions per second
  • Extremely low transaction fees
  • Coins are all pre-mined

Litecoin, LTC

  • Takes 2.5 minutes to generate a block, compared to Bitcoin's 10 minutes
  • Based on the same open source code foundation as Bitcoin
  • High number of coins in circulation, 84 million to be precise
  • Can handle higher volumes of transactions than Bitcoin

Ether, ETH

  • It's inventor developed programs which are executed on the blockchain, called smart-contracts
  • Ethereum platform is used to develop decentralized applications
  • Often used to raise funds for blockchain projects
  • Also called the "Mac" of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Cash, BCH

  • Increased the block size to address the Bitcoin scalability problem
  • Created in August 2017, it is a fork of Bitcoin
  • Lower transaction fees




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