E-Billing B2B

Swift Conversion & Secure Remittance

Increasingly, E-Billing B2B facilitates cash management of multinational enterprises in emerging markets. Our exchange office provides swift conversions and secure remittance services to corporate clients. Many merchants and their customers are using E-Billing due to its environmental savings, low cost and superior convenience. E-bills are sent as secured e-mails to your customers who can then retrieve and pay their bills in Bitcoin or any other supported digital currency. 

In today's fast-developing technical world, many vendors prefer e-bills over paper. Generally, customers who receive e-bills tend to pay their bills electronically. In this case, vendors receive payments more quickly and save on the costs of generating paper bills. In addition, businesses save expenses on the handling time and costs involved in physical mailing.

Our processing service for digital money ensures that your funds are deposited in your account quicker, improving your cash flow and office efficiency.

Through our Web-based functionality you can easily retrieve all past records and use encrypted e-mail to transmit sensitive data in electronic format for speedy delivery and rapid payment. By doing this, you reduce payment turnaround times using both normal and formal collection processes.

Businesses that want to take advantage of E-Billing need to support paper billing by regular mail as well. Therefore Payment21® has created a billing solution that fully integrates paper and E-Billing into one simple, cost-effective application. Our customizable gateway offers complete archiving for electronic bills while providing printing and regular mailing capabilities at the same time. 

Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 Company, Payment21® provides you with a proven, cost effective and easily implementable E-Billing solution. Our initial process is essentially the same as a "print and mail" facility, except that instead of going to such a facility, all billing, invoicing, clearing, settlement and balancing are handled online.

Payment21® E-Billing supports the following specifications:

  • Electronic Payments: We offer different payment methods including Bitcoin.
  • Electronic Archiving: Our electronic archiving options mean you can completely eliminate storing paper.
  • Availability of Funds: Whether via wire transfer or digital cash, we make the handling of funds simple.

Begin accepting digital payments in 5 easy steps