Reporting Suite

Free online reporting suite with full transaction tracking

With Payment21®, merchants enjoy free Web-based reporting that provides full transaction tracking along with many other features such as billing reconciliation, transaction history, and fast access to batch detail. Reports can be customized and exported in several popular formats.

The reporting section in the merchant area shows temporarily approved data, cleared data and settled data sets. There are different processing states indicating the details of temporarily approved data (which is processed from the customer to the merchant via our gateway), cleared data (cleared by the block chain ledger), and settled data sets (deposited by exchange service providers and settlement payments to the banking network). All reports are available online in the back office at any time.

Summary Report

Summary Report

The summary report illustrates the credits and debits affecting the balance held. The open balance is a provisional figure used for accounting purposes.

Received Report

Received Report

The received report shows all transactions received from the merchant before they are confirmed as cleared through the block chain ledger, transmitted to the exchange service providers, and deposited to the banking network. The report includes refunds and credits for reimbursement as well.

Return Report

Refund Report

The refund report provides specific statistics relating to refunded items. The "refund rate percentage" is the percentage number of retunds based on the items cleared on the specified date.

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