Unified Sign Up Process

Merchant boarding in 5 easy steps 

The 5 Step Sign Up process enables unified application and integration. It provides a streamlined online underwriting and integration procedure. The information you provide will be automatically saved in your merchant account. Start the merchant boarding procedure in 5 easy steps:

  • Register your login details and get the formalities done rapidly.
  • Enter your company info to gain access to the registration area instantly.
  • Provide your business info for due diligence to get pre-approved swiftly.
  • Register your technical info to obtain your merchant login promptly.
  • Review and submit your merchant application to receive a free price quote quickly. 

Your merchant application will receive final approval as soon as our Compliance Departement has validated your information, verified your supporting documentation, and authenticated your identity personally by using state-of-the-art video and online identification tools. Once you have completed the unified application and integration process, you will be able to sign the Merchant Service Agreement directly from your online merchant account using a simplified digital signature.  

Begin accepting digital payments in 5 easy steps