Knowledge is power, documentation is key

Our technical documentation guides you through the integration process step by step. It gives you something to refer to when working out the best way to add digital money to your business or software application.

There are multiple ways to accept Bitcoin payments with Payment21®. Our platform is built to be open and accessible. Customers of merchants don't need an account. Only merchants have to register. All of our features are built for the native Bitcoin protocol, truly proprietary and connected with the distributed ledger of the Bitcoin network, also known as the "blockchain". Besides promoting Bitcoin Improvement Proposals, we support the technical norms you require, be it a cloud-based solution right out of the box, the Bitcoin wallet of your choice, or even connectivity with the corporate cash management system of your financial institution.

Our engineers are ready to get you up and running fast. We make sure your integration is secure and stable, taking you from start to launch in an accelerated mode.

Begin accepting digital payments in 5 easy steps